How to add a text field to a WooCommerce product page: step-by-step guide (2022)

How to add a text field to a WooCommerce product page header

Do you want to give your customers the option to personalize products or provide additional information at the time of purchase? Then you should consider adding a text field to your WooCommerce product page. As a store owner, it's a surefire way to start collecting valuable customer data.

Giving your customers a creative customization experience is one of the best ways to keep them. In certain stores, it’s important to allow customers to choose the preferred text or images they want to print or engrave on the products they purchase.

Similarly, adding more product option fields such as paragraph fields and radio buttons makes the personalization experience more engaging and customer-oriented. That way, customers can provide all the details you need to deliver exactly what they want.

WooCommerce extra add-on fields text field

In the sections below, we'll explain why you should add a text field to your WooCommerce product page. We'll also show you examples of common products that use custom text fields. You'll then discover the best WooCommerce text field plugin, WooCommerce Product Options. Finally, we'll demonstrate how to use it to display WooCommerce text fields on product pages and beyond.

Why you should add a text field to the WooCommerce product page

One reason you should add a text field to the WooCommerce product page is that they help you collect extra product or order information from customers. You can use text fields to request information related to products that a customer is buying. For instance, you can ask them for customization details like names, notes, or messages they want to print or engrave on a product.

Using a text field also allows customers to make special requests or give you additional descriptions or instructions about their product customization, especially if you offer a product or service that requires more information than what is available through the standard product options.

A text field also allows you to offer personalization options to customers. Some customers love to add their touch to the products they buy from your store. Offering a text field that allows customers to specify product colors, shapes, or sizes is a great way to keep them coming back.

Additionally, you can collect customers' details like their phone numbers or email addresses to maintain communication with them about orders and also give them information about new products they may be interested in. Another advantage of having a text area for clients to submit information is that you make the buying process more efficient and user-friendly. This often leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Overall, adding a text field to a WooCommerce product page can help you gather more information from customers and offer a more personalizable and customizable shopping experience.

Examples of products that use custom text fields

You can add custom text fields to different types of WooCommerce products. This applies particularly to products that require the customer to enter personalized text while making an order. Let’s take a look at some common examples.

1. Custom t-shirts

Customers can fill in their desired t-shirt color or size in a custom text field. They can also insert their preferred name or inscription for their shirt. Additionally, they can enter extra information about the kind of design they want, the part of the t-shirt to customize, etc.

With WooCommerce Product Options, you have text fields to indicate the text you want on the back and front of a shirt and indicate the number of words.

woocommerce t-shirt add text field to product

2. Engraved Jewelry

With product options fields, customers can also customize the jewelry they buy. They may specify the kind of material it should be made of and the gemstones to be used. You can also add text fields for customers to enter what they want to engrave on their jewelry.

woocommerce add text field to product personalized bracelet

3. Customized birthday cakes

With a combination of other product options field types and text fields, customers can order personalized birthday cakes that bear their desired text.

woocommerce add text field to product personalized birthday cake

Text fields can also be used together with other field types to make it easier to personalize business cards, birthday cards, etc.

4. Personalized Restaurant Options

Custom text fields also come in handy for restaurants looking to offer a tailor-made ordering experience. For example, certain customers may have specific dietary requirements or allergies. Adding text fields to order pages allows such customers to indicate their preferences and customize their orders.

WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering plugin - Food options

Combining WooCommerce Product Options with WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering makes it easy to do this when creating a food order form.

Let's now take a look at the best way to add text fields to WooCommerce products.

WooCommerce Product Options - the best way to add text fields to products

WooCommerce Product Options offers the fastest and most flexible way to add text fields to WooCommerce products. It’s a plugin that allows you to add custom options to your WooCommerce products. With this plugin, you can create a variety of options for your products, such as size, color, material, etc. You can then use these options to give your customers more choice and control over the products they purchase from your online store.

woocommerce product options best plugin to add text fields

For example, you can add a dropdown menu with different sizes for a t-shirt. You can also allow customers to select the product color using radio buttons and multiple material options for a product such as cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers. The plugin also allows customers to personalize a product by adding custom images.

With WooCommerce Product Options, you can create custom text fields that allow your customers to enter their information when placing an order. This can be useful for products that require personalized information, such as custom t-shirts or gifts with engravings.

Key Features

WooCommerce Product Options offers other powerful features like:

  • Additional product optionsApart from text fields, you get an extensive variety of product options for your products. You can add radio buttons, dropdown menus, number options, color swatches, and image buttons.
  • Option groupsThe plugin allows you to group options together and apply them automatically to certain products or product categories. This makes it easier to organize your store's back end and set up text fields for your products faster.
  • Custom pricingYou can set custom pricing for each product option. For example, you can charge for an order based on the text field's character count or simply assign a fixed additional fee for adding text to a product.
  • Conditional logicThis makes it possible to show or hide options based on the choices made by the customer.
  • File upload filesFor even more flexibility, you can add file upload fields as an extra field. This allows your customers to add as much information as possible. They may want to indicate specifications like text font, color, font size, etc.

Now that you've seen all the features you get with WooCommerce Product Options, let's see how to use it to add text fields to WooCommerce products.

How to add a text field to a product in WooCommerce

In this section, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of adding a text field to a product in WooCommerce. So, read on, or watch this tutorial which includes text fields and many more product options.

Step 1: Install WooCommerce Product Options

The first step is to install the WooCommerce Product Options plugin. You can get your copy of the plugin here. Barn2 will send you an email with a downloadable ZIP file and license key afterward.


  1. Log into your WordPress admin area and go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.
  2. Select the plugin ZIP file. Click Install Now then Activate Plugin.
  3. Use the setup wizard to apply the basic settings and activate your license key.

At this point, WooCommerce Product Options should be fully functional on your site. It's time to add your first text field to a WooCommerce product page.

You can easily click Create product options on the last page of the setup wizard to do this.

woocommerce product option setup wizard last page

This will redirect you to the plugin settings page. You can go to Products → Product Options to get here in the future.

Step 2: Add new WooCommerce text fields

The first thing you need to do here is to create a product options group and choose which product(s) it applies to. To do this, go to Products → Product Options. And click Add Group.

woocommerce product options add new options group woocommerce add text field to product

On the next page, set the group name and select the products or product categories you want the product options to apply to. Then click Add option.

woocommerce product options add new option in group

Add an options name and select Text Input under the Type section. For text fields with a higher character count, you can choose the Paragraph type.

woocommerce add text field option to product

Step 3: Add pricing to your product text fields (optional)

WooCommerce Product Options allows you to set custom pricing for each option you create. The available pricing options are:

  • Fixed priceUsually added to the product's base price when the customer selects the option.
  • Percentage price A percentage of the base price of the product that’s added to the base price when the option is selected.
  • Formula This option allows you to set a custom formula for calculating the price of the option.
  • Variable You can also create a set of variables that customers can choose from when selecting the option, with each variable having a different price.

To set the pricing for a text field option, select the desired Price Type and enter the required information.

woocommerce add text field to product price type

You can also set pricing for text field options using conditional logic, allowing you to show or hide options based on the choices made by the customer. We'll show you how to do this later.

You can also choose to charge nothing for the custom text field. To do this, simply select the default "No cost" option.

Step 4: Configure extra text field settings

At this point, you've set up the basic properties of your WooCommerce product text field. But WooCommerce Product Options supports even more configuration options. Let's take a look at them.

1. Force customers to enter text on the product page

Making it compulsory for customers to enter text on the product page is easy once you've selected the Text Input field and named it. To do this, select the Required checkbox.

woocommerce add text field to product make field required

Your text field will now be added to the product as a required option that customers must enter when placing an order. If the customer tries to add the product to their cart without entering text in the field, they will receive an error message indicating that the field is required.

2. Add a minimum and maximum character count

You can also add a minimum and maximum character count to a text field with WooCommerce Product Options. Scroll down to the Advanced section of the options editor and turn it on.

Enter the minimum and maximum character count you want to allow in the Minimum Length and Maximum Length fields.

woocommerce add text field to product minimum maximum character length

Finally, click Save changes.

Now, when customers enter text in the text field on the product page, they will be required to enter at least the minimum number of characters and no more than the maximum number of characters. If they try to enter fewer or more characters than the specified range, they will receive an error message indicating that the text field is invalid.

3. Add text fields alongside other extra product options

As we mentioned earlier, there are other field types to create a variety of options for your products such as size, color, material, or personalization options. Some of these field types include:

  • Radio buttons Customers can choose one option from a list of choices displayed as radio buttons.
  • Checkboxes Allows customers to select multiple options from a list of choices displayed as checkboxes.
  • Image swatches Customers can select an image option for their product customization.
  • Color swatches Lets customers choose from different color options.
  • File upload field To upload a file when placing an order.
woocommerce add text field option to product

For example, you can use a combination of text fields, color swatches, checkboxes, and radio buttons for personalized cakes. All you need to do is add a new option to the same options group.

woocommerce product options add multiple product options

4. Show and hide text fields based on user selections

Conditional logic allows you to show or hide specific fields in product options based on the values of other options.

For example, let's assume you want to customize some business cards. If you choose to use a pre-built template, you're required to fill in your details in specified text fields which are hidden if you decide to upload your design.

woocommerce add text field to product conditional logic

To apply conditional logic to a text field, select a text field option to which you want to apply conditional logic.

You'll see the Conditional Logic option in the Advanced tab of the text field option. Specify the conditions that must be met for the text field to be displayed to the customer.

woocommerce add text field to product conditional logic variables

Once you’re done, save your changes, and the text field will only be displayed to customers who meet the specified conditions.

Displaying WooCommerce text fields on product pages and beyond

Once you're done with your setup and have saved all changes, customers can see the text fields on the product page in the front end. You can also display text fields on other parts of your website using WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro.

WooCommerce Product Table

woocommerce product table

WooCommerce Product Table is a powerful WordPress table plugin that allows you to list products with their details contained in columns. You can use it to create product order forms with a ‘Buy’ column which includes the text field. This way, customers can add their text and add to the cart without even visiting the single product page.

woocommerce restaurant ordering product table integration

To do this, first, get your copy of the plugin here. Then install and activate it using the same procedure we described earlier.

On your dashboard, go to WooCommerce → Settings.

woocommerce product table settings

Then go to Products → Product Tables.

woocommerce product table settings page

Scroll down to the Table content section. Make sure you add 'buy' in the Columns field.

woocommerce add text field product table buy column

Once you have customized the table, copy the shortcode and paste it into a page or post on your site. The table will be displayed on the front end of your site, with a Buy column that allows customers to add products to their cart directly from the table.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro

WooCommerce Quick View Pro works alongside WooCommerce Product Table to give your customers a speedy shopping experience. With this combination, customers will be able to click the Buy button and a lightbox with a text input field will appear.

Quick View Pro woocommerce product popup plugin

The first step to doing this is to get the plugin here. Once you've installed and activated the plugin, go to WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Quick view. Then select how you want the Quick view feature to work on your site.

woocommerce quick view pro product table combined

You can also disable it for specific categories or add them manually using shortcodes.

To learn more about this, check this article on how to add quick view popups to your product tables.

WooCommerce Product Table and WooCommerce Quick View Pro work together to speed up the ordering process and boost conversions. You can choose to use them separately or together.

Add text fields to WooCommerce product pages for a better shopping experience

Adding text fields to product pages is a surefire strategy for giving your customers a personalized experience that makes them loyal to your brand. This comes with benefits like:

  • Flexible customization options: Text fields allow customers to customize their orders by providing additional information or specifications.
  • Upselling: Text fields can be used to upsell additional products or services. For example, you could offer a text field for customers to request a specific type of packaging.
  • Improved customer experience: Customers easily find the products they want by providing additional details about the options available in text fields. For example, you could use text fields to specify different colors or sizes for a product,
  • Increased sales: By offering customers the ability to customize their orders and providing additional details about your products, you can increase the chances of making more sales.

When it comes to adding text fields to WooCommerce product pages, WooCommerce Product Options is our recommended plugin. The tool ships with rich features like an easy-to-use interface, multiple pricing options, a variety of product field types, and several other customization options.

What are you waiting for? You should try out WooCommerce Product Options today.

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