WooCommerce Quick View Pro is now officially compatible with WPML

WPML Compatible PluginWe're pleased to announce that our latest plugin, WooCommerce Quick View Pro, has been officially certified as being compatible with the world's biggest multilingual plugin - WPML.

All our other plugins were already certified as being WPML-compatible, and people have been using them on multilingual websites for several years. We're happy that our WooCommerce Quick View plugin has now received the same recognition.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro speeds up the buying process by letting customers view information about each product in a lightbox. It makes it easy to buy without having to visit a separate page for each product.

Note: Since publishing this article, WPML have discontinued their compatibility program. However, you can still use it with WooCommerce Quick View Pro.

How to translate the quick view

If you have a multilingual WooCommerce store, then you can also translate the quick view buttons and the lightbox content. For example, you can view translated product titles, short descriptions, etc. in the lightbox. To do this, you need to use a WordPress multilingual plugin such as WPML.

More information

To learn how to translate the quick view buttons and lightbox, please see our knowledge base article about using WooCommerce Quick View with WPML.

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