New Document Library Pro integration - protect files & view download reports

WordPress Download Monitor Plugin Track Downloads

We are excited to announce a new integration between Document Library Pro and the Download Monitor plugin. Use the two plugins together for enhanced protection and tracking capabilities for the files in your document libraries.

Protect document files

If you have a private document library then you're probably already using it with Password Protected Categories, which lets you restrict access to each document category. Only specific logged in users, roles or people with the password can view the documents within the protected categories.

For added protection, you can use it with Download Monitor to protect the individual Media Library files which are linked from the document library. To do this, just click the 'Protect' button which appears whenever you upload a document:

Protect WordPress media library file

We recommend setting up Download Monitor to use the same protection that you use for your document categories. For example, if the document library is visible to certain user roles, then it makes sense to restrict the files to the same roles.

View document download stats

You can also use Download Monitor to access detailed reports on the number of downloads for each document. This helps you to gain insights into the popularity of each file. It also helps you learn how people are using the document library.

WordPress report download stats

As well as viewing overall reports on the number of downloads for each document, you can view individual user behavior. This is good for knowing which users downloaded which documents.

User reporting

Please note that only document files which you have chosen to protect using Download Monitor will appear in the reports.

Where to get the plugins

To take advantage of the new integration, you need the following plugins:

We are constantly working to improve Document Library Pro, both directly and through integrations with other useful tools. We hope this integration with Download Monitor will provide you with added value and help you to better manage and protect your files.

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