New! The easiest ever plugin for creating WordPress post types, fields and taxonomies

WordPress post type plugin free

We've released a new plugin which makes it easy to create WordPress post types, fields and taxonomies. And the best news? It's 100% free of charge!

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to create a custom post type, custom fields and taxonomies in WordPress? Sure, there are plugins available such as Pods and Custom Post Type UI. However, these have tons of options and are overkill for someone who just wants to create a WordPress post type, add some data, and display it on their website. Fortunately, we have a solution.

Released today, the Easy Post Types and Fields plugin makes it easy to create custom data - whether you're a WordPress beginner or an experienced developer. You can:

  • Create a WordPress post type
  • Add custom fields to a new or existing post type
  • Create custom taxonomies for new and existing post types

Once you've created your data, you can then display it in a beautiful table using our popular Posts Table Pro plugin.

WordPress table plugin

Keep reading to learn all about the new plugin and where to get it for free.

Why is 'Easy Post Types and Fields' better than other WordPress post type plugins?

There are some excellent free WordPress post type plugins on the market. The problem is that they have too many features! Extra features aren't always a good thing because they:

  • Make the plugin more difficult to use.
  • Add bloat and weigh down your site.
  • Make it harder to display the custom data using other plugins like Posts Table Pro.

That's why we built Easy Post Types and Fields. We analyzed what people need from a WordPress post type plugin, and designed a new plugin which has these features and nothing else. By keeping it intentionally simple, we have created the easiest-to-use custom post type plugin on the market.

As a new plugin, Easy Post Types and Fields also uses the latest technologies to improve ease of use even further. For example, post types are created using an interactive setup wizard, which walks you through every step of the process.

Can I use it to add custom fields and taxonomies to existing post types?

Absolutely. Easy Post Types and Fields lets you add custom fields and custom taxonomies to literally any WordPress post type. It doesn't matter how you created the WordPress post type, or whether it was created by another plugin. For example, you can add fields to:

  • WooCommerce products
  • Events Calendar events
  • Custom post types that you created yourself
  • Testimonial or portfolio post types that were created by your theme
  • And any other post type
Add custom taxonomy to WooCommerce products
We added 2 custom taxonomies - Brand and Special Features - to the WooCommerce product post type on this website.

Can it display my WordPress post types?

Like other WordPress post type plugins, Easy Post Types and Fields focusses on creating data and letting you manage it in the WordPress back end. It doesn't actually display the data on the front end.

That's where Posts Table Pro comes in.

Posts Table Pro takes your custom post type and displays it in an interactive table on your WordPress site. You can include whichever columns you want in the table, including - you guessed it - your custom fields and taxonomies.

How can I control who can access the post type?

We've designed Easy Post Types and Fields to work alongside our Password Protected Categories plugin. This is the perfect combination for people wanting to restrict access to their post types.

Password Protected Categories adds a 'Visibility' section to all your categories and custom taxonomies. You can then add any (or all!) of three types of protection for your categories and custom taxonomy terms:

  • Hide the custom posts behind a simple password (no user account needed).
  • Only show the custom posts with the taxonomy term to logged in users with a specific role.
  • Only show it to specific logged in user accounts
Protect WordPress CPT category

Download the plugin for free

Easy Post Types and Fields is ideal for anyone who needs to create a simple custom post type, add some fields to it, and use it to add content to your website. It's available free on, so download it today!

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