7 marketing hacks to increase WooCommerce profits

WooCommerce marketing hacks increase profits

Want to increase profits in your WooCommerce store? Of course you do 😀. Then check out our list of 7 marketing hacks to improve your store's conversions and profitability. 

There’s no way around it: WooCommerce stores are complex.

This means running and maintaining a store takes a lot of work, but in that complexity, there is also opportunity.

There are so many ways you can optimize your store and your marketing to boost your profits. One small UI change or adjustment to your marketing strategy can lead to higher conversion rates and greater sales.

And since WooCommerce is so popular, there’s no shortage of tools to help you implement these tactics.

In this list, you’ll find seven high-impact tactics to immediately boost the profitability of your WooCommerce store, plus a few recommendations for tools that can help.

You’re probably excited to get started, so here’s the #1 marketing hack for WooCommerce stores.

1. Switch to a one-page checkout

When it comes to checkout pages, the bar has been raised by companies like Shopify and Square. Customers have gotten used to seamless, one-page checkouts, so when they encounter the WooCommerce checkout system, it might seem pretty old school.

To modernize your checkout flow and keep up with the best checkout flows on the web, you can switch to a one-page checkout solution using a plugin like Fast Cart.

Instead of requiring customers to visit the cart page and fill out a long checkout form, this plugin lets them checkout from any page on your site. This is possible because of a simplified popup that appears after adding an item to their cart.

WooCommerce one page checkout popup

Modernizing your checkout will improve how shoppers view your brand and should give you an immediate increase in your conversion rate and net sales.

2. Focus on profitable traffic sources

For most eCommerce store owners, marketing attribution is a major challenge.

WooCommerce has amazing analytics for your orders and products, and tools like Google Analytics can report on your traffic, but bridging the gap between these tools is often difficult and downright ugly.

It can be difficult, for instance, to compare sales and conversion rates between organic traffic sources like Google and Instagram or to see refund rates in addition to revenue.

One tool making this easier for WooCommerce users is the Independent Analytics plugin.

WooCommerce analytics plugin Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics is an alternative to Google Analytics that will record all your visitors and add an easy-to-use dashboard inside your WP admin.

Regarding WooCommerce analytics, Independent Analytics has a Pro version that fully integrates with WooCommerce so that you can connect sales to their referrers, campaigns, and geolocations.

WooCommerce analytics

This happens automatically without any configuration and allows you to plainly view how much revenue you make from each traffic source and compare referrers alongside each other.

With this data on hand, you can prioritize marketing channels that drive the most sales and reinvest in those with unexpectedly high conversion rates and earnings per visitor.

3. Create a cart abandonment email campaign

It’s common for shoppers to abandon their carts before checking out.

Sometimes, shoppers abandon a cart because they’re using it to save items, which is why it’s a good idea to include a wishlist on your site.

Other times, your would-be customers get overwhelmed by a large or difficult checkout form, which can be fixed with a plugin like Fast Cart.

For every other reason, you’ll want to run a win-back campaign that brings shoppers back to their cart to complete the purchase.

The good news is that there are lots of awesome products that can help. You can use a WooCommerce plugin like Abandoned Cart Recovery or a more advanced solution like Omnisend.

Using one of these tools, shoppers will get an email when they abandon their, and all they have to do is click a single button to return to checkout with their cart fully loaded. Seeing how effortless this system makes it for your customers, it’s easy to understand why these campaigns are so effective.

4. Make it easier for customers to find the right product

Small shops won’t have this problem, but if your store has hundreds (or thousands) of items, finding the right product quickly becomes a challenge for shoppers.

It’s a terrible shame to have someone looking for a product you sell and for them to leave simply because they can’t find it.

The best way to make your store easier to navigate is to introduce robust filters with a plugin like WooCommerce Product Filters.

Using this plugin, you can add filters for any product quality, such as size, color, category, or price. These filters can be displayed in your store’s sidebar, allowing customers to quickly adjust them and find what they’re looking for without clicking through tons of pages.

5. Feature your best-sellers

You’ve probably heard of the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule. It’s amazing how it applies to seemingly everything, and eCommerce stores are no exception!

For a WooCommerce shop, you can expect about 80% of your revenue to come from 20% of your products. And this data isn’t just interesting; it’s actionable.

WooCommerce bestselling products widget
Since some of your products outsell others, you should give these bestselling products more prominence on your site, and additional sales will follow.

If you’re wondering how to feature them, a few good places are in your sidebar, on product pages after the description, and on your homepage.

If you run out of space on your site for these types of promotions, you can use popups and slide-ins. They will essentially add more space to your site for product recommendations and on-site ads by displaying on top of the existing pages.

6. Make highly-profitable bulk purchases easier

If most of your orders include numerous items, you stand to benefit greatly from a store that’s optimized for bulk purchases.

By making it easier for shoppers to add numerous items to their cart, they’ll be more likely to purchase in bulk and return for the easy checkout system.

You can add this type of design to your store without switching themes by installing the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

WooCommerce Product Table screenshot

With this plugin, you can create tables with any products and display them on any page of your site. Visitors can rapidly browse the list and edit the quantity of each item.

For some stores, this will be a massive improvement over the default design of a WooCommerce store that’s best suited to small-volume consumer purchases.

7. Optimize your “Thank you” page

One last way to improve the profitability of your site is to improve the quality of your “Thank you” page.

Way too many stores have a simple note that says, “Thanks for buying,” and not much else. This is a wasted opportunity!

When a shopper lands on your “Thank You” page, you have their full, undivided attention, which is pretty rare given how people use the web. There are a few ways you can capitalize on this brief moment in the customer journey.

For starters, it’s a great time to offer a coupon so that the customer will return for another purchase. This is as easy as copying & pasting a code into the page.

Next, you should let customers know exactly what to expect. Give them the subject line of the email they’ll be getting from you and include a support contact in case they don’t receive it.

And lastly, ask them to share their purchase on a social media site, like Facebook or Twitter. This works even better if you include share buttons in the “Thank You” page that they can simply click to share. These types of shares serve as an excellent and automated source of social proof.

It’s time to optimize your eCommerce marketing

As you’ve now learned, there are tons of ways you can optimize your eCommerce store to boost revenues.

But these changes don’t happen overnight.

If you’re serious about creating a more profitable WooCommerce store, you can bookmark this page for later and return as you complete each step. Additionally, here’s a summary of the steps you can take with you:

  • Implement one-page checkout
  • Focus on your most profitable traffic sources
  • Create a cart abandonment email campaign
  • Make it easier for customers to find the right product
  • Feature your best-sellers
  • Make bulk purchases simpler
  • Optimize your “Thank you” page

Thanks for checking out this list of marketing hacks to increase your WooCommerce profits. If you learned something new, use the social media buttons below to share it with someone else before you go.

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