How to set up Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce

WooCommerce Google address autocomplete plugin

Did you know that you can increase conversions for your online store by auto-filling the customer’s address? All you have to do is set up Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce.

So, when customers start entering their address at the WooCommerce checkout, the autocomplete address form will provide auto-populate suggested results based on the user’s input. This can speed up checkout form completion by up to 30%!

By replacing the standard checkout with the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin, you can boost conversions by allowing customers to review their selections and checkout in a popup cart without leaving the page. And, instead of entering their billing or shipping address manually, they can complete it with Google address autocomplete.

What is Google address autocomplete?

If you shop online, you’ve probably come across checkout forms that autocomplete your address as soon as you start typing it. It fills out the street address, city, zip code, state, and country fields automatically.

This is a feature of the Places library in Google’s Maps JavaScript API. As a result, it gives you access to addresses all over the world. In fact, it’s the type-ahead-search behavior of the Google Maps search field.

The WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin integrates with Google autocomplete to save customers even more time. Instead of manually entering their address and filling out all address fields, they can simply pick from the suggestions provided when they start typing their address.

It’s incredibly intuitive and speeds up the checkout process for customers too. And even better, customers are already familiar with Google address autocomplete.

What is WooCommerce Fast Cart?

The WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin adds a popup cart and checkout to your online store.

This makes it easy for customers to review their orders when they’re done shopping and place their orders without leaving the page. In addition to this, they can change quantities, remove items, and redeem discount codes from the popup cart.

The WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin supports WooCommerce’s product recommendation engine by displaying related products based on the products customers have added to their cart. This helps you increase the average order value and cross-sell to customers.

You can display the checkout within the mini popup cart and enable customers to checkout without leaving the page. In fact, this is the easiest way to speed up the checkout flow for your store. To take things to the next level, you can enable Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce to automatically fill out the address fields.

The WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin can be configured to display the popup cart either as a side cart on the right of the screen or in a larger lightbox in the middle of the screen.

Tutorial: how to set up WooCommerce autocomplete

Here’s what you need to do to set up Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce:

Step #1: Install the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin

Get the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin. Log into the WordPress admin area and then install and activate the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin. Head over to WooCommerceExtensions to activate the plugin’s license key.

Fast Cart license key

Click the Save changes button to continue.

Step #2: Enable Google address autocomplete

WooCommerce Fast Cart settings
  1. Go to WooCommerce SettingsProductsFast cart to configure the plugin’s settings.
  2. Enable the Allow fast checkout option and then tick the Enable address autocomplete checkbox which appears underneath it.
  3. A text field called Google API key will apper underneath the checkbox. You need a Google API key to use Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce. This will allow your website to access the address data from Google’s API.
  4. Check out our tutorial on how to get your Google API key for step-by-step instructions.
  5. You can select other WooCommerce Fast Cart options as needed from the same screen. Here are some suggestions:
  6. You can enable the Direct Checkout option if you want to skip the cart completely and allow customers to checkout without having to go through a cart stage first.
  7. In addition, you can choose to auto-open the fast cart and checkout so that customers are prompted to complete their purchase without having to click on a floating cart icon first.

Step #3: Test the Google address autocomplete

Finally, test the fast cart feature on your WooCommerce store. First, make sure you’re not logged in. If you are logged in to your WordPress site, WooCommerce might already have your address stored which means it won’t need to use the Google address autocomplete feature.

Add a product to your shopping cart, open the popup checkout, and start typing your address.

Google Autocomplete feature

Like magic, the Google address autocomplete will do the hard work for you and fill out the address fields!

Where to get the plugin

With Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce, you can speed up the checkout process on your store and minimize cart abandonment rates.

WooCommerce Fast Cart makes it incredibly easy to offer the fastest checkout experience complete with Google address autocomplete and direct checkout.

Ready to set up Google address autocomplete in WooCommerce? Get WooCommerce Fast Cart today!

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