WooCommerce pricing table plugin: Automatically list product prices & options

WooCommerce Pricing Table

WooCommerce is a fantastic plugin for selling any type of product online. There are also lots of great WordPress pricing table plugins, ideal for creating tables listing your prices.

Unfortunately, there aren't many WooCommerce Pricing Table plugins that automatically create price tables for your products or variations. Most WooCommerce stores end up installing a generic WordPress pricing table plugin and manually entering the prices. That's crazy because your product prices are already stored in the WordPress database!

Today, I'm going to tell you about two different types of WooCommerce pricing table plugin. They both work by creating automatic pricing tables for your products or variations. No more manual data entry!

  • Plugin 1: WooCommerce Product TableWooCommerce Product Table creates a pricing table of several or all of your products. You can show as many columns of information as you like, including a price column, product images, and optional add to cart column.
  • Plugin 2: Bulk VariationsWooCommerce Bulk Variations creates a pricing table of the variations for a specific plugin. You can display the variations as a price matrix with prices and no add to cart buttons; or you can include quantity fields and add to cart buttons.
  • Plugin 3: WooCommerce Discount Manager/list_heading]Discount Manager lets you create a wide range of discounts, including bulk discounts with tiered pricing tables which you can display on product pages.

As you can see, all three plugins create similar-looking pricing tables. The main differences are that WooCommerce Product Table can list products or variations for multiple products together, whereas WooCommerce Bulk Variations creates a price matrix showing the variations for one product only. In contrast, WooCommerce Discount Manager displays quantity-based discounts to encourage customers to spend more.

Keep reading to learn more about each option and how to set it up.

Plugin 1: WooCommerce Product Table

WooCommerce Product Table Trimmed

Instead of creating a product list view, as many people do, we'll be using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin to create a WooCommerce price table. It's perfect for displaying the prices of multiple products at once.

Case study - Print Station's WooCommerce pricing table

Print Station specialize in printing short runs of digitally printed business cards and flyers. They created a WooCommerce pricing table powered by our WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

They’ve used our plugin to create a table of variations and prices because the total price can depend on up to five variables including quantity and paper quality. As a customer makes their selections using the dropdowns embedded into the product table, the price changes with each click.

And since changing any dropdown sees the total price change, the customer can easily play around with their order preferences and quickly find out what everything's going to cost.

Read on to find out how you can add a pricing table powered by the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

Example: WooCommerce pricing table for an online print shop

To show you how to do it, I'm going to create a WooCommerce pricing table for an imaginary online print shop.

Since digital printing became a thing, lots of companies have sprung up selling online printing services. Nearly all digital printing websites provide price lists showing the pricing for each quantity option. For example, an e-commerce site that prints flyers will have a fixed price for print quantities of 100, 250, 500, and so on. You might have different prices for multiple combinations of options - such as size options as well as quantity.

A print shop will add their products and any variations so that people can buy online. They also need a pricing table listing the price options, with buy buttons so that people can order the printed materials.

3 ways to create a WooCommerce price table with product tables

WooCommerce Product Table comes with 3 easy ways to create a pricing table:

  1. Display each product on its own row in the table, with a single price for the entire product
  2. List each price option as a separate row in the table
  3. List each product on a single row in the pricing table, with WooCommerce variation dropdowns for each price option

Option 1 - Display each product on its own row in the table, with a single price for the entire product

WooCommerce product table price list catalogThe standard usage of WooCommerce Product Table is to list each product as a separate row, with a price column. This is a good way to create a WooCommerce price list of simple products, without variations.

The benefit of this option is that as well as the price and add to cart button, you can include extra information about each product. The prices in the 'Price' column are generated automatically based on the main WooCommerce price for each product.

Demo: See this type of WooCommerce price list in action.

Option 2 - List each price option as a separate row in the table

If you're using variable products, then you might want to list all the variation options to be visible in the WooCommerce pricing table at the same time. To do this, you can use the plugin to create a table of variations and prices.

With this option, the prices shown in the 'Price' column are displayed automatically. It shows the correct price for each variation in the product pricing table.

WooCommerce pricing table plugin with variations

With this type of WooCommerce product pricing table, each variation is listed individually. The correct price for that variation appears in the add to cart column.

As with Option 1, you have full control over what data to include in the pricing table. You can show or hide columns as needed. In the above screenshot, I've removed the image column because each variation option looks the same. However, you can include an image column with individual variations if you like.

Option 3 - List each product on a single row in the pricing table, with WooCommerce variation dropdowns for each price option

Finally, you can list product variations as WooCommerce variation dropdowns in the pricing table. Each product has its own row, and the variations appear as options in the add to cart column.

WooCommerce pricing table plugin with variation dropdowns

As with the other options mentioned above, you can choose whether or not to include a quantity picker so that customers can choose the quantity before adding to the cart. You can also choose which columns to include in the pricing table.

How to add prices with this option

Unlike options 1 and 2, this option has a bit of manual data entry if you want to display it like the above screenshot. For this example, I added the columns showing the price for each quantity as custom fields. I then displayed each price option as a separate pricing table column.

I like this method because you can list all the prices directly in the table, while still having variation dropdowns. The downside is that you have to add the prices to the custom fields manually - you'd need to do some extra coding to automatically populate these based on the variation values. All the other data in the WooCommerce pricing table - i.e. the product image, name, variation dropdowns, quantity picker and add to cart button - are added dynamically.

If you don't want to do ANY data entry, then is an alternative way to display prices with this option. Simply include a 'price' column in the product table, and this will show the price range for all the product's variations. For example, if the cheapest variation costs $10 and the most expensive costs $100 then the Price column will say '$10 - $100' for that product. When a customer chooses a variation from the pricing table dropdown, the actual price will appear underneath. Like this:

WooCommerce pricing table plugin with add to cart button

As you can see, setting up the product pricing table like this leaves more room for extra columns, too.

Can I create a WooCommerce pricing table without add to cart buttons?

Yes. The plugin can dynamically list product prices in a pricing table without providing the ability to buy now. Simply remove the add to cart column from the price table.

WooCommerce Price Table Plugin without Buy Buttons

This will work with Options 1 and 2. It won't work for Option 3 because the variation dropdowns can only appear within the add to cart column.

Plugin 2: WooCommerce Bulk Variations

WooCommerce Bulk Variations price matrix

Unlike WooCommerce Product Table, the Bulk Variations plugin creates a pricing table for one product at a time. It's super-simple to use, and you can enable it for any or all of your variable products. If you don't want to show pricing tables on the single product page, then you can use a shortcode to add WooCommerce pricing tables anywhere you like.

  1. Get WooCommerce Bulk Variations and install it on your WordPress site.
  2. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Bulk variations and activate your license key. (You'll receive this in the order confirmation email.)
  3. Also on the settings page, choose the global options for your WooCommerce pricing tables. This includes whether to show product images, and whether to include quantity boxes and add to cart buttons or just display the product pricing without purchase options.
    WooCommerce Bulk Variations settings page
  4. If you haven't enabled the pricing tables globally, then you can enable them for individual variable products on the Edit Product screen. Alternatively, you can use the shortcode to add them elsewhere.


Plugin 3: WooCommerce Discount Manager

WooCommerce tiered pricing table plugin

Our final plugin is very different because unlike the others, it actually changes the prices in your WooCommerce store. Use WooCommerce Discount Manager to created a tiered pricing structure which gives a percentage or fixed discount amount based on the quantity purchased.

Once you've set up your bulk pricing, you can tick a box to dynamically display it on the front end for qualifying products.

  1. Buy WooCommerce Discount Manager and install it in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Marketing → Discounts and click 'Add New'.
  3. Choose 'Bulk pricing' from the different types of discounts.
    WooCommerce Discount Manager add discount type
  4. Now fill in all the information for the bulk pricing deal. This includes:
    • Discount name (for internal purposes only).
    • Which products? - Leave this set to 'All products' to apply the quantity pricing rules storewide. Alternatively, select specific products or categories for the discounts to apply to.
    •  Calculated based on total cart contents, or individual products? - This option controls whether customers can mix and match multiple products to get the deal, or whether the qualifying quantity must be used on the same product only.
    • Range type - Choose whether to give a % or fixed amount discount in the WooCommerce pricing table.
    • Bulk pricing tiers - Now enter all the discount tiers that you wish to create.
      Set up WooCommerce bulk pricing with quantity tiered discounts
  5. Lower down the page, fill in the remaining fields:
    • Tick the 'Display table of pricing tiers on product page' box to display the WooCommerce pricing table on the front end of your website.
    • Choose whether to restrict which users and dates the discount will be active for.
    • You can also add some extra static content to display on the product page. This helps to promote the deal, alongside the pricing table.
    • Content location lets you choose where to display the pricing table and additional content.
    • You can also add a cart notice which will appear on the cart page, reminding customers that they have qualified for the deal.
      WooCommerce tiered pricing bulk discounts product page content
  6. Save your discount, visit a product page, and you'll see the WooCommerce pricing table beautifully displayed 🔥

Create beautiful WooCommerce pricing tables TODAY!

In this article, we've talked about 3 very different ways to add pricing tables to WooCommerce. These are:

Whichever plugin you choose, you can stop creating manual pricing tables listing product prices. Choose whichever plugin is best for you and set it up today.

It only takes a few minutes because the pricing tables are created automatically, using information that is already stored in the database for your WooCommerce products.

And even better? All three plugins come with full support, documentation and a 30-day money back guarantee. This means there's absolutely no risk and no way to get it wrong!

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