Build a product table with WooCommerce add to quote buttons

WooCommerce product table with request a quote buttons

Customers often ask if our bestselling Product Table plugin works with any WooCommerce 'add to quote' plugins. In this article, I'll share an excellent Request a Quote plugin that allows customers to add products to their shortlist directly from the product table

If you're using WooCommerce Product Table to list products in a table, you might want customers to request a quote instead of buying online. This is essential if you provide bespoke services or custom pricing which varies for each customer.

A WooCommerce add to quote plugin provides 'add to quote' buttons, which you can use in addition to or instead of the usual add to cart buttons. Your customers can select as many products as they like, choose the quantity, and create a bespoke list. They can then view the list and submit the quote request to you.

Which WooCommerce quote plugin can I use with product tables?

Most add to quote plugins don't work with WooCommerce Product Tables straight out of the box. However, we have integrated with the YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin so that you can easily add quotation buttons to your product tables.

WooCommerce add to quote plugin
This video shows the 'Add to Quote' buttons in the product table. When you add a product to the quote, it is added to a list.

Setup instructions

  1. Install WooCommerce Product Table and the premium version of YITH Request a Quote.
  2. When you create your product table columns, add a column called request_quote. Set a custom heading by adding a : after followed by the heading, e.g. request_quote:Add to quote
  3. Follow the documentation for bother plugins to set them up as required.

That's it! When you view the product table, it will contain an Add to Quote column containing the buttons from YITH's plugin.


Can I hide the add to cart button?

Some people like to use add to quote buttons alongside the usual add to cart buttons. Others like to remove the add to cart button completely so that the only option is to get a quote.

The YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin has an option to hide the add to cart button. This does not work with WooCommerce Product Table and will remove the add to cart button from the single product page. You can easily remove the add to cart buttons from your product tables - simply don't include an add to cart column when you add columns to the product tables.

Where can customers see their quote request?

WooCommerce Request a Quote PluginThe YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin comes with a 'Request a Quote' page. This lists the products you have added to the quote request, and includes a form to submit the request.

When a customer uses the product table to add an item to the quote, a link to the Quote Request page will appear in place of the button. This makes it really easy for them to add multiple products to the quote and then click to review the quote.

You can also link to this page from your navigation menu. Alternatively, you can add a button linking to the page above/below the product table.

The premium version of the YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin also has many extra features. This lets you customize the quote features to your exact needs.

Can customers choose a quantity for their quote request?

It can be a bit tricky to make the quantity picker in WooCommerce Product Table work with the YITH Request a Quote buttons. This is because the quantity picker appears in a different column of the table from the 'Request a Quote' buttons, and the two columns don't relate to each other.

Here are two suggested workarounds:

  1. If you've enabled the option to display the product tables on your main Shop page then you can follow these instructions to make the quantity picker work with YITH's Add to Quote buttons. This method will only work when you display product tables and quote buttons on your shop page templates, and not when you create tables using a shortcode.
  2. Where you have created tables using a shortcode, your customers should use the 'Add to Quote' buttons in the product table to built their quote. This will add a quantity of '1' to the quote for each product. When they click through to the quote page, they can modify the quantity of each product as required.

Does it work with variations?

If you want people to be able to add variations to the quote, then you need to enable the option on the WooCommerce Product Table settings page to list each variation on its own row of the table. If you display the variations as dropdowns then YITH's plugin won't know which variation to add to the quote.


We hope you enjoy using YITH's Request a Quote plugin with WooCommerce Product Table to create table layouts with add to quote buttons.


  1. This plugin combination (Product Tables and Yith Request a Quote) doesn't support variable products, please can you amend your blog to highlight this, so other people don't go down the same rabbit hole that we have.

    • Hi Stephen, thank you for the comment. That information is included in the article above under the section "Does it work with variations?". Let me know if you have further questions.

  2. It's sad to see at the end that the customer can't directly choose the quantity then hit add to quote.
    The most popular use case for such a function is for wholesale quote orders, Which in this solution doesn't work. I was planning to buy "product table plugin" to use it with any quote plugin and was searching then found this article, Sadly this will not work :(

    I hope you guys complete this solution with full integration with any poplar quote plugin or with YITH quote plugin it's good.

    • Hi, John. Thanks for your feedback. You're correct that while the two plugins have been tested to work together (thanks to the custom code snippet that YITH was kind enough to provide), I'm afraid they are not officially integrated due to this limitation, which is also explained in the section about Can customers choose a quantity for their quote request?

      However, it is possible to then adjust/modify the requested quantities in the succeeding quote page, which stands in place of the default WooCommerce cart page. Thanks!

  3. Hi Dear,
    Do you have any alternative solution for use quote button in product table with enable lazy load option, because I have more than 1000 products and I need for lazy load.

    • Hello, Ghilan. I'm afraid not, as the YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote plugin's Add to Quote buttons only work with the default usage of WooCommerce Product Table and as mentioned are not compatible with the lazy load option.

      You could look into using the NP Quote Request WooCommerce plugin by Neah Plugins with WooCommerce Product Table on your site with WooCommerce, which another customer has successfully used together on their site, and check whether or not it works with lazy load enabled.

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