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How to display add to cart checkboxes on the shop and category pages

The WooCommerce Express Shop Page plugin provides additional purchase options on the shop page without altering the page layout. We have purposely avoided adding 'add to cart' checkboxes to the default shop page layout, as it would result in a poor user experience. The products are displayed in a grid layout, which is spaced out, making it difficult for customers to select and add multiple products to their cart simultaneously.

Instead, we recommend using our other plugin, WooCommerce Product Table, to display 'add to cart' checkboxes on the shop and category pages. This plugin alters the layout of your shop page, replacing it with a conversion-optimized order form view. The products are displayed in a structured table layout, with a 'Buy' column containing quantity fields, variations, and 'add to cart' buttons.

With WooCommerce Product Table, you have the option to display checkboxes instead of, or in addition to, the 'add to cart' buttons. This enables customers to select multiple products and add them to their cart using a single 'Add Selected to Cart' button, resulting in a better user experience than having 'add to cart' checkboxes in the default shop page layout.

WooCommerce Product Table variation prices

An example of a shop page created using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin

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