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What happens to discontinued products if I deactivate/delete the plugin?

The WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin works by adding a 'Discontinued' stock status to WooCommerce. If you deactivate or delete the plugin then this stock status is no longer available, so products can no longer be marked as discontinued.

On deactivation, all discontinued products are automatically marked as 'Out of stock'. This ensures that they are still not purchasable, so customers cannot accidentally order them.

The data about discontinued products is still stored in the WordPress database so that when you reactivate the plugin in future, the products will revert to their 'Discontinued' status.

Please note that if you change the stock status of a previously discontinued product, then it will still revert the product to 'Discontinued' if you reactivate the plugin at any point in the future. As a result, if you stop using the plugin and then re-install it at a later date, then we recommend that you check the stock status of any products that were previously discontinued but which you have since marked to 'In stock' because they will have changed back to 'Discontinued'.

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