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How to customize the price format of all WooCommerce product types

WooCommerce Variation Prices comes with a Custom format for your variation prices, which you can use to format the price in any way you like.

By default, this is only used for variable or grouped products. However, the plugin contains a simple filter callback which you (or your developer) can use to apply the custom price format to every product type, including simple products.

When you use this filter, it will use the "Custom format when all prices are the same" option which appears when you enable the Custom format on the plugin settings page.

This is an excellent option if you want to set a consistent price format for every product in your store, instead of just changing the format of variation prices. For example, if you have set the price format of your variable products to "Just {min} + tax, payable on delivery" then using the filter will consistently apply this custom format to your other products too.

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