WordPress web design tip: Expanding the content editor box

March 26, 2018

In the first of a series of WordPress training posts and video tutorials, I’m going to give you a simple tip that will make it easier to work with pages and posts in WordPress.

Surprisingly few people know that you can change the size of the content editor box in the WordPress admin. Instead, they get frustrated at being able to see so little of the text at a time, and constantly having to scroll up and down.


In this WordPress web design tip, there are two ways to increase the size of the content window on the Add/Edit screen for posts and pages.

1. Change the default box size

By default, WordPress sets the content editor box for pages and posts to 10 lines high. To increase this, go to Settings/Writing in the WordPress admin. Change the ‘Size of the post box’ – say, to 30 lines – and click ‘Save Changes’.

WordPress web design expand content box

2. Use drag and drop

If you want things a bit more flexible then WordPress provides a handy drop and drop point which you can use to expand the size of a content editor box. Simply hover the mouse over the bottom right hand corner of the box and drag it up or down.

WordPress web design tip - drag and drop This drag and drop feature is also used elsewhere in WordPress. I find it really useful when working with WordPress plugins or contact forms, which often provide tiny boxes to write in - use this tip whenever you see the diagonal lines in the bottom right hand corner.

It’s worth noting that the drag and drop feature overrides the size entered in the settings, so if you manually resize a box then this size will automatically be applied to all your posts and pages.

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