10% off WordPress web design using RT-THEME 17

September 20, 2019

We're offering a special discount on our WordPress web design services. Get 10% off the cost of a new website designed using the fantastic RT-17 WordPress theme.

RT-THEME 17 is our favourite WordPress website theme by miles. We've used it to design various websites including Parent Champion Community and All About Everybody. We find it well written and easy to work with - so we're offering 10% discount on WordPress websites built using this theme.

About this WordPress web design discount

The 10% discount applies to the following elements of your new WordPress website:

  • Overall WordPress website design and setup
  • Professional copywriting and on-page SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Sourcing professional images to illustrate each page of your website
  • Installing a selection of WordPress plugins to enhance your website – including security, performance, anti-spam, anti-virus, search engine optimisation, XML sitemap, and broken link checker
  • Up to three hours of changes that you request to the draft website
  • Ability for you to update the website yourself using the WordPress content management system
  • Launching your finished website
  • 60 days’ free support to iron out any issues that arise with the work (e.g. bug fixes)

The discount does not apply to any major additional features such as adding a WordPress e-commerce online shop or adding a discussion forum. If you'd like any of these then the extra work will be charged at our usual rate for WordPress web design - but you'll still be getting a great deal!

Why are you only offering a discount on RT-THEME 17?

Because we know it's good.

There are thousands of WordPress themes that we can use to design your website - a quick look on ThemeForest proves that. There are plenty of well-written WordPress themes but it's not always easy to tell until we actually start working with a theme.

We're offering this WordPress web design discount because we're experienced in working with RT-THEME 17 and know how good it is. As well as being well written behind the scenes, we know our way around it and can pass the time savings to you. This makes everyone happy!

Ok, gimme a quote!

Please get in touch to discuss exactly what you're looking for. We'll talk things through and provide a detailed proposal for designing your new WordPress website.

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