WordPress support & maintenance: A review of WP Curve

March 26, 2018

WordPress support and maintenance are important issues that people often overlook when they start planning a WordPress website.

We're often contacted by WordPress website owners who need someone to support and maintain their site. Their WordPress website has been fully designed and launched, without much thought to what happens next. As I have explained before, all WordPress websites need maintenance.

Who should maintain your WordPress website?

The obvious answer is that your original WordPress web designer or agency should continue to support and maintain your website. This is often the best option - after all, you have a pre-existing relationship with your original WordPress developer, and they know the website better than anyone else.

If your website was set up by a professional WordPress designer or agency then ongoing support and maintenance should ideally be quoted from the outset. However, we hear from a lot of people who don't have this option:

  • Some people design their own WordPress website and don't have an existing relationship with a WordPress web designer.
  • Some WordPress developers don't have very good support systems in place - we often hear from people whose original WordPress designer lost interest once the website was launched.

While we offer ongoing support packages for the WordPress websites we design, we don't have the resources to do small, regular support tasks on other websites. And we're not alone - more and more of my fellow WordPress developers have stopped doing ad hoc support tasks for new clients - it's simply too difficult to fit this sort of work around other projects, however much you want to help people. I hate turning people away so when someone contacts us needing WordPress support, I want to help them find the best solution.

Specialist WordPress support agencies

While WordPress web designers are moving away from ad hoc support work, other companies are jumping in to fill the gap. I've started seeing more and more websites offering regular support for your WordPress website - often for very low projects that most WordPress web designers (including ourselves) couldn't possibly match.

Most WordPress agencies focus primarily on planned project work, and spend some time supporting the websites they have designed. In contrast, WordPress support companies such as WP Curve focus solely on support and maintenance. This allows them to provide these services much more efficiently, so they're a great option.

There are lots of companies offering dedicated WordPress support. For example:

  • WP Curve offers a unique package of unlimited support and small jobs for just $39 per month, or $99 if you need software updates too.
  • The WP Valet offers more premium support services, with high monthly prices (I found their website very confusing and not user-friendly, so I would avoid them for this reason - as well as their prices)
  • WP Site Care will keep your website up to date, take backups, monitor security etc. from between $29 and $239+ per month
  • Maintainn provide similar services to WP Site Care from between $69 and $289+ per month, including dedicated development time each month. However the payment form on their website is broken and they refused to believe me, which doesn't bode well for their WordPress abilities!

I tend to recommend WP Curve because their prices are great, they're helpful people with a sensible approach, and I love their offer of "unlimited support and small jobs". I review them in more detail below.

WordPress support from WP Curve

WP Curve was created by 2 WordPress developers from California. The company is growing rapidly and supporting more and more WordPress websites. They now have 16 WordPress experts in 10 cities and offer 24/7 WordPress support so you don't need to worry about time zone differences.

Their basic plan is $69 per month, which includes unlimited small support tasks and instant support via live chat in case anything goes wrong with your WordPress website. All requests are implemented on the same business day, so you're guaranteed fast turnaround times.

The professional plan is a bit more expensive at $99 per month. It's easily worth the extra $30, as this plan includes updates to WordPress, your theme and plugins - vital for any WordPress website. You also get security guarantees and personal input from one of their WordPress developers.

At first glance, I was sceptical about how anyone can provide unlimited support for just $69 per month - I assumed that it was either a con, or they were outsourcing the work to inferior offshore developers. However if you read the WP Curve blog then you will see that they're a very sensible company who have simply thought things through. They don't offer a white label service to other WordPress web designers because this takes more time, distances them from the customer and would force them to increase their prices. They set a sensible cap of 30 minutes per support task, preventing people from taking advantage in a neat way without bogging you down with small print. Unlike the other companies listed above, they keep things simple by only offering 2 plans and not creating bespoke plans for individual customers - again, this helps them to keep the cost down. They've thought through every detail and how they can provide a good service for a great price, and I really respect that.

I was also impressed to see that WP Curve pro-actively send you ideas for improving your WordPress website each month. This means that they don't just take your money for doing nothing, and you'll benefit even if you don't request loads of support each month.

WP Curve provide ample opportunity to test out their services, with the ability to cancel at any time and a 30-day money back guarantee.

The WP Curve website is simple, clear and professional - just like their services. If you have regular support queries, require lots of small changes or need ongoing software updates then I think they're a great option.



  1. Ken
    November 21, 2016 Reply

    Surprised they don't accept Paypal. I will not pay online with a debit card.

  2. Roger
    August 11, 2016 Reply

    I don't understand why people are willing to pay so much for WordPress management?

    There are companies like SiteUpdatePro.com that handle upgrades and offer unlimited support for just $6.95/month. Plus, they even offer a 30-day free trial so you can test their services before paying anything...

  3. Dianne
    October 24, 2015 Reply

    Tried WP Curve and had to leave. Gone to https://kitedish.com and is happy with the service and hadn't left since.

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