The Proper Way to Discontinue WooCommerce Products

Take control over discontinued products - make sure they don't disappear from search results

Quickly mark WooCommerce products as discontinued
  • Add a 'Discontinued' stock status to WooCommerce
  • Either discontinue products or variations immediately, or when the stock level reaches zero
  • Display a custom discontinued message
  • Choose whether to show or hide WooCommerce discontinued products in your store
  • Keep the product page alive without confusing shoppers (good for SEO!)
  • Recover lost sales by directing customers to alternative products
Show or hide discontinued products in WooCommerce
WooCommerce Discontinued Products - easy backend reporting
  • Discontinue WooCommerce products in bulk
  • Keep discontinued products separate in inventory and stock reports
  • View discontinued products separately in the WordPress admin

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The best WooCommerce discontinued products plugin

Barn2 not only make fantastic plugins that work easily and the customer service is second to none. The only thing better than dependable products is dependable customer service – they have that, too.

Robert Pfeifer - USA

Great plugin. The install and configuration is very easy and has a good concise set of options. Barn2 are very helpful and clearly work hard to maintain a high standard of work and client support.

Darrell Martin - UK

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Packed with Features

With everything you need to manage inactive or end of life products, look no further than WooCommerce Discontinued Products!

Knowledge Base

Discontinued stock status

Manage WooCommerce discontinued products separately from out of stock products. No more confusion.


Quickly discontinue products

Simply change the stock status of a product 'Discontinued', or discontinue multiple products in bulk.

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Discontinue variations

Discontinue individual variations while leaving others active, or instantly disable all variations for a product.

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Custom message

Keep customers informed by choosing your own wording to display on discontinued products.

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Discontinued visibility

Keep discontinued products visible for SEO reasons, or hide them from your store without deleting them.

Plugin Support

Third party integrations

Compatible with most plugins that use stock statuses, including WooCommerce Lead Time and Product Table.

The most easy and efficient plugin with a great support team. Really awesome, thank you so much!

Maged Mohamed Egypt

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Two Plugin Bundle

Discontinued Products + WooCommerce Product Table

Choose this option if you want to list products in an order form with stock information on the Shop page.

Display WooCommerce discontinued text in product table
  • Discontinued products
    Mark products as discontinued and add customizable text for each product
  • Product visibility
    Choose whether to show or hide discontinued products in your public shop
  • Product tables
    List any or all of your products in a conversion-boosting order form

$ 99 (save $49)

One Plugin

Discontinued Products

If you just want to show the discontinued text on the product page, then choose this option.

Display WooCommerce discontinued message on product page
  • Discontinued products
    Mark products as discontinued and add customizable text for each product
  • Product visibility
    Choose whether to show or hide discontinued products in your public shop
  • Product tables
    List any or all of your products in a conversion-boosting order form

$ 49

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What happens when a WooCommerce product is discontinued?

The WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin does everything you need to make your products inactive, without mixing them up with other stock statuses:

  • The product can no longer be purchased.
  • The Discontinued text (which you can set on the plugin settings page) appears wherever your theme would normally display the In Stock/Out of Stock text.
  • If you have enabled the image label option on the settings page, then a text label will also appear on the product image. This appears on your main shop pages as well as the product page.
  • Depending on your plugin settings, the products may or may not be hidden from the rest of your shop.
  • Search engines can still access the discontinued product pages, so you won't lose the SEO value of these pages. (If you want to remove them from search results, then check out our advice on how to do this.)
  • The product will not be included in your reports of other stock statuses such as 'Out of stock', so it won't mess up your stock reports.
  • You can view and filter by discontinued products separately in the WordPress admin.

Can I sell my remaining stock before discontinuing a product?

Yes! The plugin provides a choice of two ways to discontinue a product in WooCommerce:

  • Immediately - Change the stock status to 'Discontinued', and it stops being purchasable immediately.
  • When stock runs out - Alternatively, for products/variations where you are actively managing stock, you can tick a box to automatically discontinue it as soon as the stock level reaches zero. This is the best way to use up your remaining stock before removing the product from sale.

What product types are supported?

WooCommerce Discontinued Products works with any product type that can have a stock status. This includes simple products, variable products, grouped products and product types added by other plugins.

How do WooCommerce discontinued products work with variations?

You can choose whether to discontinue specific variations only, or mark all the variations for a particular product as discontinued.

Do discontinued products still appear in search engines?

Your discontinued product pages have SEO value, and it would be a shame to lose this. As a result, they will still appear in search engines - even if you have chosen to hide them from the rest of your shop.

If this isn't what you want then we have provided advice on how to remove discontinued products from search results.

Will it work with my theme & other plugins?

We have tested WooCommerce Discontinued Products with a range of free and premium themes and are confident it will look great with your theme. Our plugin support includes helping with theme-related conflicts. However, theme issues are very unlikely because the 'Discontinued' text uses the same styling as the 'out of stock' message in your theme. It doesn't add its own styling.

WooCommerce Discontinued Products is designed to work with any WordPress plugins which display stock information on your website. For example:

  • Use it with WooCommerce Product Table to list products in a quick one-page order form, complete with a 'stock' column. You can also use it to list discontinued products on a dedicated page on your website.
  • If you use WooCommerce Lead Time to provide clear information about when products will be available, then it works perfectly with WooCommerce Discontinued Products.
  • When you use WooCommerce Bulk Variations to list product variations in a grid or price matrix, the discontinued message appears within the grid and these variations are not purchasable.
  • If you use Quick View Pro to provide quick buying options for your products, the 'Discontinued' message appears in the lightbox.

What are the purchase options?

Clicking the Buy button above will take you to the purchase options. You can choose either a Lifetime or Annual software license.

  • Lifetime licenses never expire. It's a one-time payment which includes all future plugin updates, new features and support, forever.
  • Annual licenses are renewed once a year. As long as you have an active license, you will receive support, plugin updates and new features. If your license ever expires then you can continue using the plugin, but won't receive any further updates or support.

You can also choose the number of sites that you can use the plugin on.

Does WooCommerce Discontinued Products work in my language?

WooCommerce Discontinued Products is designed to work with any WordPress translation plugin such as WPML, WeGlot and TranslatePress. This makes it easy for you to translate the Discontinued text into any language and use it on multilingual websites.

What are the minimum requirements for running the plugin?

WooCommerce Discontinued Products is fully tested with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce. We always recommend running the most up-to-date version, but we also support older installations:

  • WooCommerce 6.5 or greater (tested to 8.6.1)
  • WordPress 6.0 or greater (tested to 6.4.3)
  • PHP 7.4 or greater (tested to 8.1.27)
  • MySQL 5.7.8 or greater / MariaDB 10.3 or greater

Current version

Last updated:30 Nov 2023


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