WooCommerce: How to use the initial quantity value to grow your revenue

April 15, 2021

WooCommerce initial quantity value plugin

Did you know that you can use the WooCommerce default quantity to increase the average revenue from each order in your store? Today, I'm going to show you how to do it.

Our Quantity Manager plugin has an important feature that most WooCommerce min/max quantity plugins don't have. You can use it to change the WooCommerce default quantity, without controlling how much customers can order.

A WooCommerce default quantity simply provides a suggestion or starting point. Shoppers are free to override the initial starting quantity as needed.

Surprisingly, you can still use the WooCommerce default quantity to encourage customers to order more of each product! It's all about using psychology to subtly influence customers into ordering bigger quantities. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

Quantity Manager is the only plugin that changes the default quantity in your store.

Why an initial quantity value of 1 is a BAD Idea

Straight out of the box, all WooCommerce products have a default quantity of 1.

That's not necessarily great for sales. By definition, 1 is the lowest number that the customer could possibly order. If they're feeling lazy, they'll simply order the default quantity from your WooCommerce store. As a result, you get less income from the sale.

Instead, think about the type of products you're selling. Armed with this knowledge, set a WooCommerce default quantity value that inspires shoppers to order more.

Tips on using the WooCommerce default quantity value to increase revenue

WooCommerce order forms

If you're creating an order form (for example, with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin), consider setting the initial default quantity value to 0.

Rather than being a low number like 1, a WooCommerce default quantity of zero is a blank slate. Shoppers can then increase the required quantity from zero to any number they wish. It's just like a traditional paper order form.

Products designed to be used together

If you're selling products that are designed to be used together, then use the WooCommerce default quantity to encourage multiple purchases. For example:

  • You might set the starting quantity value to 6 for a chair that pairs with a 6-person table.
  • For products that are often sold in pairs, set the default quantity to 2.

Low value products

For low value (high order) products, you can get away with suggesting a higher initial quantity number.

For example, if you're selling pens individually then setting the WooCommerce default quantity to 10 will encourage the customer to order 10. If the initial quantity was 1, then they would probably order a smaller quantity!

Should all WooCommerce products have the same default quantity value?

Absolutely not! Analyze the different types of product you're selling, and choose a revenue-increasing default quantity for each one.

This is easy to do, because the WooCommerce default quantity plugin lets you set the initial quantity value globally, for specific categories, or even individual products.

For example, the following screenshot of a product table shows an order form of products with different WooCommerce default quantities. Choose a value that will maximize sales of each specific product:

WooCommerce Default Quantity Screenshot Product Table
A product table with different WooCommerce default quantity values per product

Where to get the quantity plugin

By applying a bit of psychology to your WooCommerce default quantities, you can make a surprisingly big difference to your average revenue per sale.

Get Quantity Manager - the ultimate WooCommerce default quantity plugin - and give it a try!

Quantity Manager is the only plugin that changes the default quantity in your store.


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      I'm glad to know you found it helpful, Fatima!

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