A review of the new Little Hippo SEO plugin

March 26, 2018

The developers of Little Hippo have asked me to test this new plugin, which they claim is the only WordPress SEO plugin you will ever need. Despite being a big advocate of Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin, I have had a play with Little Hippo and was very impressed!

Little Hippo was developed for a specific client project which involved bulk-optimising a large amount of SEO data such as title tags and descriptions. The developer was unable to do this using any of the existing off-the-shelf plugins so developed their own. It was so effective that it has now been released as a free WordPress plugin.

We already use WordPress SEO on the Barn2 Media website. Our site is reasonably well optimised, although I'm aware that there are some gaps - for example, optimising our older portfolio items and images has been on my 'to do' list for ages. Little Hippo will make this process much quicker so I might actually get round to it now!

From a single screen, Little Hippo lets you view all your pages, posts, custom posts and images that are missing SEO data. You can edit the data directly from the Little Hippo screen - you don't have to go into each page individually. WordPress SEO does have a feature to bulk-edit titles and descriptions, but this is far more limited. For example Little Hippo tells you exactly what is wrong with your title/description (e.g. missing or too long) so you can fix the problem easily from the same page. The Bulk Editor on WordPress SEO is less useful as it doesn't tell you what the problem is - you have to open the individual page or post to see its recommendations, which would take a long time if you had a lot of pages to edit.

The best thing about Little Hippo is that it integrates with WordPress SEO. If I edit a title or description from the Little Hippo page then it updates directly in the WordPress SEO settings - and changes aren't lost, even if I remove the Little Hippo plugin. This is great as it would be a big job to move all my SEO data and stop using WordPress SEO - Little Hippo works nicely alongside it, making helpful recommendations and allowing me to edit the data that I entered using WordPress SEO.

Little Hippo is also useful as an add-on to SEO Friendly Images, the plugin that autmomatically adds alt tags and descriptions to your images. SEO Friendly Images is helpful but there are gaps, for example it doesn't optimise images attached to custom post types. Little Hippo allows me to save time by letting SEO Friendly Images optimise most of my images, and it then highlights which images don't have SEO data so I can add the rest manually.

Since my site already uses WordPress SEO, I won't be using Little Hippo as our main SEO plugin. I have only tested it alongside other SEO plugins, so I can't comment on whether it really is the only SEO plugin you will ever need (as stated on the plugin description). On our own website, I will leave it deactivated and just activate it every now and then to check the SEO data and make any tweaks. However it might be even more useful for new websites that don't already use other WordPress SEO plugins, so in the near future I will continue trialling it on other WordPress websites.

Definitely one to try!

And if it all sounds too much like hard work

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  1. Mike
    January 18, 2018 Reply

    It is too bad that it is no longer available for wordpress, Hope I wrong

    • Katie Keith
      January 18, 2018 Reply

      Ah that's a shame, I wasn't aware that it had been discontinued.

  2. Abid Masih
    January 9, 2015 Reply

    Hey Katie,
    Thanks for describing about little hippo WordPress SEO plugin. Must try it....

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