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How to display variation prices in page builders

If your product pages have a standard setup, then WooCommerce Variation Prices plugin will display the amended variation price format automatically in place of the usual variation price range. However, some page builders let you create product pages in a non-standard way and the amended variation price format may not appear automatically.

If this happens, then you can use the [variation_prices] shortcode to insert the variation price into your custom page layout.

It works like this:

  • When the shortcode is used on a single product page, then:
    • For variable products, it will show the variation prices for the current product.
    • For other product types (e.g. simple products), it will not show anything. That's because the WooCommerce Variation Prices plugin is only designed to show variable product pricing.
  • If you use the shortcode on a page that lists multiple products (e.g. a custom shop page template), then if the shortcode is added inside the container of each product then it will show the variation prices for that product.

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