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Tips on speeding up the customer journey

WooCommerce Express Shop Page simplifies the shopping experience for customers by enabling them to select product quantities and variations directly on the shop page, providing a more streamlined and efficient process. This is an excellent way to speed up shopping because there's no need to visit multiple product pages. However, this is only part of what you can do to maximize the speed of the customer journey for your customers.

Research has shown that in e-commerce, the more pages a customer has to visit, the lower the conversion rate. We offer additional plugins to further speed up the shopping experience and reduce the number of pages that customers have to visit:

  • If you like showing variations on the shop page, then you'll love showing product add-ons too! Our WooCommerce Product Options plugin works with Express Shop Page so that you can add any type of product option. These then appear on the shop page as well as your product pages. If you want to display product add-ons on the shop page, then this is the solution.
    WooCommerce display product add-ons shop category pages
  • WooCommerce Quick View Pro adds 'Quick view' buttons to the shop page, allowing customers to view more information about each product without leaving the page.
    WooCommerce Express Shop Page quick view
  • WooCommerce Fast Cart speeds up the final stages of the ordering process. It does this by allowing customers to review and complete their purchase without leaving the shop page, providing a hassle-free checkout experience.
    WooCommerce Express Shop Page fast cart
  • Our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin transforms the shop page into a one-page order form, complete with quantity fields, variation dropdowns, and add to cart checkboxes. Unlike Quick View and Fast Cart which work alongside WooCommerce Express Shop Page, WooCommerce Product Table is a replacement for it. You can either use WooCommerce Express Shop Page to add quantity fields and variations to the shop page without changing the page layout; or WooCommerce Product Table to change the page layout into a one-page order form.
    WooCommerce Variation Prices Product Table

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