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Template functions

The WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin contains the following template functions.


This function outputs the shipping calculator.
This function should be used directly on your child theme template file.

// Display the shipping calculator.


Verifies if the shipping calculator is being loaded using AJAX.

// Verifies if the shipping calculator is being loaded using AJAX.
if ( wsc_load_using_ajax() ) {
    // Do something.


Verifies if the current page is the product page where the shipping calculator is shown.

// Verify if we are on a page where the shipping calculator can be used.
if ( wsc_is_shipping_calculator() {
    // Do something.


Verifies if it is an ajax call made by the shipping calculator on the product page.

// Verify if the AJAX call was made by the shipping calculator.
if ( wsc_is_shipping_calculator_ajax_call() {
    // Do something.


Gets a plugin setting.

// Gets the chosen position defined on the admin settings area.
$position = wsc_get_setting( 'position' );

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