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How to sell product samples with free shipping

When you sell samples with the WooCommerce Product Sample plugin, you can offer free shipping even if you charge for shipping on the full version of the product. This is how to do it:

  1. Install WooCommerce Product Sample.
  2. Go to WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping → Shipping classes and create a shipping class which you will use for the product samples.
  3. Select this shipping class for your product samples. To select the same shipping class for all your samples, do it on the plugin settings page. Alternatively, you can select different shipping classes for the samples in each category or product.
  4. On WooCommerce → Settings → Shipping, create shipping options for your shipping zone(s):
    • Enter the method title and tax status as usual.
    • In the 'Shipping class costs' section of the popup which appears, enter 0 for your free shipping class, and the shipping cost for your non-sample products in the 'No shipping class box' field.
    • Choose a 'Calculation type'. This controls what will happen if a customer orders a sample and a full product in the same order.

Once you have done this, then customers ordering samples will be given free shipping. Customers buying normal products will be charged your usual shipping cost.

Note: WooCommerce also has a shipping method called 'Free Shipping'. This only works at a global level and cannot be selected for specific shipping classes. As a result, if you only want to offer free shipping for product samples, then you need to follow the instructions above and add free shipping using the 'Flat Rate' shipping method instead.

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