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Can I sell samples in the product table?

When you use WooCommerce Product Table, each product normally has 1 add to cart button which is used to order the full product. You might have variation dropdowns to sell different options.

A lot of products sell better if customers have an opportunity to buy a sample of the product before buying the full priced version. You can achieve this by using WooCommerce Product Table with our other plugin, WooCommerce Product Sample.

WooCommerce Product Sample - List products in a table

WooCommerce Product Sample adds 'Order a Sample' buttons (which you can rename to anything you like, such as 'Order Free Sample' or 'Order Sample for $2.50) alongside the Add to Cart buttons in the product table. The extra buttons also appear on the single product page. That way, customers can order a free or paid sample before deciding whether to commit to the full product.

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