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Can I use a different order number format for samples?

When a customer uses WooCommerce Product Sample to order sample products, this it processed as a normal WooCommerce order.

This is important because it allows you to take full advantage of the ordering features that come with WooCommerce itself, such as order notifications and order management in the WordPress admin. It also means that you can use WooCommerce Product Sample with third party plugins that modify the ordering process.

However, some people want a way to record orders of free samples separately from orders of paid products. To do this, we recommend using a plugin that let you set a different order number format for orders which only contain free samples, and where the value is therefore 0.00.

The following plugins offer these features:

Please note that the YITH plugin has two different option to determine when an ordered will be considered free:
  1. By its total (must be zero)
  2. By the products included (the price of every product must be zero)
Because of how WooCommerce Product Sample works, when only the second criterion is used, the order is not correctly marked as free. The order total must also be free.

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