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How to order product samples on the WooCommerce Shop page

When you use the WooCommerce Product Sample plugin, there are several ways that you can allow customers to order a sample directly from the main WooCommerce shop page. Equally, people can order samples from other product listing pages such as category pages. This article describes several different ways that you can do this.

Enable the 'Order Sample' button on the Shop page

WooCommerce Product Sample - Adding a Sample button

The simplest option is to tick the Enable on shop/category pages option on the Product Sample plugin settings page. This will display the 'Order Sample' button to the right of the 'Add to Cart' button on shop and category pages (or underneath it if there isn't enough room for the buttons to fit alongside one another).

However, there are a couple of limitations to this approach:

  • It only works for simple products and not variable products. This is because of how WooCommerce itself works - the customer must select a variation before being able to order a product or sample. WooCommerce doesn't provide a way to select variations on the Shop page, so this can only be done on the single product page.
  • It doesn't improve the layout of your product listing pages. Your products will still be listed using the default layout that comes with your theme, which may or may not be the best way to display your products.
  • Customers still have to use the multi-page cart and checkout process. Typically, customers want to order samples quickly and easily. They may not want to go through the full WooCommerce cart and checkout.

You can solve the above problems using any or all of the options described below.

Pro tip: The following options involve using WooCommerce Product Sample with other Barn2 plugins, all of which are 100% compatible with one another. The most cost-effective way to use multiple Barn2 plugins is to upgrade your WooCommerce Product Sample license key to an All Access Pass, which gives you full access for a discounted price.

List products in a table with 'Order Sample' buttons

List products in a table with 'Order Sample' buttons

For a better product layout and the ability to select variations on the Shop page, you can use Product Sample with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin. This lists products in a table view, creating a quick one-page order form. Customers can:

  • Add any type of product to the cart or order a sample directly from the product table.
  • Select a variation before adding to the cart.
  • Select multiple products or samples and add them all to the cart in a single click.
  • View extra information about each product without having to access the single product page.
  • See more products per page.

Order samples from a quick view product lightbox

WooCommerce Product Sample - Order samples from a Quick View Product lightbox

If you'd rather keep the default layout for your shop page, then another customer-friendly option is to use Product Sample with our WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin. This adds 'Quick View' links to the Shop and category pages, allowing customers to view extra product information in a lightbox without having to access the single product page.

The variation dropdowns and 'Order Sample' buttons appear in the quick view lightbox. As a result, customers can choose options and select samples from the lightbox, without leaving the current page.

Let customers complete their order without leaving the shop page

As we saw above, customers normally have to go through the usual multi-page cart and checkout process to finish ordering a sample. This is quite time-consuming if you are only ordering samples, which can result in lower conversion rates.

Instead, we recommend using the WooCommerce Fast Cart plugin to allow customers to complete their order on the same page. When they add a sample or full product to the cart, a popup cart opens. They can review their selections and check out directly in the popup.

Or to speed up the process even more, you can enable the 'Direct Checkout' option in Fast Cart. This skips the cart completely and opens the checkout in a popup on the same page, so that customers can complete their order immediately.

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