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How to display variation prices with and without tax

Some WooCommerce store owners like to display the prices of their variable products with and without tax. For example, you might want to display the price at the top of a variable product page as "From $100 excl. tax / $120 inc. tax".

You can do this by using the custom price format option in the WooCommerce Variation Prices plugin:

  1. Go to the plugin settings page at WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Variation prices.
  2. Enable the 'Custom format' option for your variable product prices.
  3. Use the merge tags following merge tags to create your custom price format including and excluding tax or VAT:
    • {min_inc_tax}
    • {min_exc_tax}
    • {max_inc_tax}
    • {max_exc_tax}

For example, if you wanted to display the variation prices in the format "From $100 excl. tax / $120 inc. tax" then you would enter: "From {min_exc_tax} excl. tax / {min_inc_tax} inc. tax".

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