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Can I apply discounts to manual orders in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce itself has a feature which allows administrators and store managers to create manual orders on behalf of customers in the WordPress admin. You can do this via WooCommerce → Orders → Add New.

This article explains how to apply the discounts that you created using the WooCommerce Discount Manager plugin to manual orders.

How to apply discounts to manual orders

When creating or editing a manual order, there are two points which can trigger WooCommerce Discount Manager to apply a discount:

  1. When you click the 'Recalculate' button.
  2. When you select or change the customer who the order applies to.

When you take either of these actions, then WooCommerce Discount Manager will look to see whether any valid discounts are available. If so, then it will apply the matching discount with the highest priority.

How it works

When you apply a discount to a manual order at 'cart level', behind the scenes WooCommerce Discount Manager will generate a 'virtual coupon'. The 'Edit Order' screen will display the coupon as "wdm-discount-X" where X is the ID of the discount.

The virtual coupon won't be visible to the customer (e.g. in the order notification email or their account), but it will look like this on the 'Edit Order' page in the admin:

WooCommerce discount for manual order

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