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Which plugins does WooCommerce Discontinued Products work with?

WooCommerce Discontinued Products works by adding an extra stock status to WooCommerce, allowing you to manage discontinued products separately from out of stock items. As a result, it will natively work with other plugins which display stock information on your WordPress site.

Here are some examples of other Barn2 plugins that work nicely alongside WooCommerce Discontinued Products. Of course, you can use it with third party plugins too:

  • WooCommerce Product Table - List products in a one-page order form with a 'stock' column showing the status of each product. You can also use the plugin to list discontinued products on a separate page or archive.
  • WooCommerce Lead Time - Add a custom message to appear for each individual product, which you can enable for discontinued products only.
  • Bulk Variations - Display product variations in a grid or price matrix. The discontinued message will appear for any variations that are no longer available.
  • Quick View Pro - Add quick buying options for your products, with the 'Discontinued' message clearly displayed in a lightbox for each item.
WooCommerce Discontinued Products in Table
View discontinued products in the WooCommerce Product Table plugin

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