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How are discontinued products shown to the store owner?

The WooCommerce Discontinued Products plugin makes it easy for store owners and administrators to view and manage discontinued products. The plugin adds a special 'Discontinued' stock status, which allows you to manage the products separately from other statuses such as 'Out of stock'.

Products list

Discontinued products in WordPress admin products list

Discontinued products are clearly marked in the 'Stock' column of the main Products list in the WordPress admin. They are styled in the same was as 'Out of stock' products.

You can use the 'Filter by stock status' dropdown to view discontinued products only, or to view other stock statuses without having discontinued products visible.

Tip: If you can't see the 'Stock' column, click 'Screen options' at the top and make sure this column is enabled. 

Stock reports

Discontinued products are different from out of stock products. As a result, they will not appear in stock reports such as WooCommerce → Reports → Stock → Out of Stock.

This prevents the discontinued products from cluttering up your stock reports.

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