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Editing sample products in bulk

When you're using WooCommerce Product Sample, you may need quick and easy ways to edit your sample products in bulk. This article will describe several methods for doing this.

Edit samples globally or per category

To save time, we recommend setting up your samples at a global or category level instead of having to set them up individually for each product or variation. You can easily do this on the plugin settings page and on the Edit Category screen.

For example, if all your product samples will cost $5 then you should set the sample price globally on the settings page. Alternatively, if all your paint samples are free and your wallpaper samples cost $2.50 then you should set the prices on the relevant category, instead for each individual product.

Bulk edit samples for a variable product

The most fine-grained way to edit product samples is for individual variations. If you need different settings for the sample version of different variable products, then it can be time-consuming to edit each one individually. To speed this up, we recommend installing the WooCommerce Bulk Variations plugin which lets you edit variations in bulk.

Use the following method to select specific product samples and then apply bulk variations to them. For example, you can use this to change the price of all the samples for a product which have a particular attribute; or you can bulk-select a shipping class for certain samples:

  1. Go to the 'Edit Product' screen for the variable product for which you want to edit the samples.
  2. Scroll down to the 'Product Data' section and open the 'Variations' tab.
  3. Use the grey 'Filters' bar above the list of variations to select which samples you want to edit:
    • Use the main Filters bar to select attributes.
    • Use the 'Advanced' button to select variations based on other data, such as price, stock, or whether or not it is a product sample. This opens some additional options below. Click 'Add new filtering value' and choose the logic for each piece of data that you wish filter by. You can add as many criteria as you like. Once you have finished, use the 'Update' button to apply the filters.
  4. Once you have filtered the list so that only the samples you wish to edit are visible, use the bulk actions dropdown (which is titled 'Add variation') to edit all the selected sample variations. Make sure the 'Bulk actions affect the filtered variations only' box is ticked.
Bulk edit WooCommerce sample products
Use the Filters bar to select product samples, and then use the Add Variation dropdown to apply bulk actions.

This method allows you to edit all of the data about your product samples, such as the price, stock information, shipping class, and tax class.

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