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Can I add other information to the 'Shipping' tab?

In WooCommerce Shipping Calculator, the most popular position for the shipping calculator is to add it to a dedicated 'Shipping' tab. This can appear before or after the other product information tabs such as Description, Reviews, and Additional Information.

If you would like to add other information to the Shipping tab - for example some text describing your shipping policy - then we recommend using theĀ WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin to create a custom 'Shipping' tab, adding the shipping calculator to this tab along with the other information that you wish to include. For example, you could populate the custom shipping tab with:

  • A heading and text information about your shipping policies.
  • The calculator provided by the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin, which you can insert into the tab using the [shipping_calculator] shortcode.
  • An HTML table of shipping costs created using a free HTML table generator.

By using WooCommerce Shipping Calculator with WooCommerce Product Tabs, you getĀ  total flexibility over the information which appears in the shipping tab.

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