Competition: Send us your creative WooCommerce ideas & win 3x plugins!

Competition - list WooCommerce products WordPress

Today we're launching a great WordPress competition. We're offering 3 free licenses for our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin. All you have to do is send us your creative WooCommerce ideas on the new and existing ways to list WooCommerce products. And even better, every good idea will be published on our website with a dofollow link to your own site!

The competition has now finished and we have published the winners and their ideas on the most creative way to list WooCommerce products

Tell us the most creative ways to list WooCommerce products!

With over 40% of all online stores now using WooCommerce, the world's leading e-commerce plugin is set to grow and grow. But we've noticed that a lot of WooCommerce stores are starting to look very similar. Most websites list products in a fairly standard grid-style layout, which may or not be suitable for their customers' needs.

It's time to put the creativity back into WooCommerce. Enter the competition and send us your creative WooCommerce ideas on the most creative ways to list products.

Here are some suggestions to act as inspiration and get you started:

  • Think of a specific group of customers. Are there any creative ways to list products be listed that will appeal to this market?
  • How can the latest technologies and techniques be used to present products in new and innovative ways?
  • Could animations be used to show off the different aspects of a product?
  • Think mobile-first. How can products be listed on mobiles in more user-friendly ways, for example with touchscreen animation?
  • Can you think of other examples of creative layouts in web design and apply these to WooCommerce product listings?

You might already have implemented the idea on a real website. Maybe the idea is just in your head - that's fine! Perhaps you've developed a plugin to list WooCommerce products in innovative new ways. Whatever the status of your creative WooCommerce idea, enter the competition! Bonus points will be awarded for working examples or mockups.
List WooCommerce Products Plugin

Prize - 3x licenses for WooCommerce Product Table

The 3 best ideas will win a free 1-year license for our premium plugin WooCommerce Product Table.

The plugin instantly lists WooCommerce products in a searchable, sortable table or list view. It's our bestselling WordPress plugin and many people all over the world are using it to list WooCommerce products in creative and unusual ways. For example, unlike traditional product layouts, it's perfect for an online food ordering system, product catalogue or WooCommerce order form.

Everyone's a winner!

Even if you don't win, we'll list all the good ideas in an article about the most creative ways to list WooCommerce products. The article will list your idea, with a free dofollow link to your website (Domain Authority/DA 31).

Send us your creative WooCommerce ideas

There are 3 ways to enter the competition:

  • Publish a post on your own website with details of your idea, then tweet us the link at @barn2media
  • Add your idea as a comment at the end of this post
  • Email your idea to us at

Remember to include a link to your website if you'd like us to link to you when we publish your creative WooCommerce ideas.

You can enter as many times as you like, so long as each idea is unique.

The closing date is 14th April 2017. The winners will be chosen by the team at Barn2 Media.

Send us your ideas on creative ways to list WooCommerce products now!

The competition has now finished. We have published the winners and the ideas on new ways to list WooCommerce products


  1. Dustin
    April 4, 2017 Reply


    another idea for listening Woocommere products (could be also integrated within your plugin):
    Filtering multiple categories, attributes, tags (...) via text entry - your plugin currently offers a dropdown-filtering with one single attribute, for example.

    This gives potential customers the possibility to search for similar properties (example:
    Categories: T-Shirts, Polo-Shirts ("because I want something to wear for summer")
    Sizes: XS an S, ("because the sizes which fit to me often varies")
    Colours: Red, Purple, Magenta, Pink ("because I want something in shade of red")

    • Katie Keith
      April 4, 2017 Reply

      Love it! Thanks for entering. (I will also add this to our feature request list for WooCommerce Product Table.)

  2. Brian Flanagan
    March 27, 2017 Reply

    Hi Katie,
    I am currently trying my best with the limited (self-taught) skills I have with Word press and WooCommerce to create a sublimation product based website.
    I have noticed there is very little out there that allows customers in my niche market, to upload their own custom artwork and have it wrapped around a 3D product (Eg, a coffee mug) for viewing prior to purchase.
    As they say, "If it doesn’t look good, no one will buy it" and that's the problem I currently have. My current website feature relating to custom products is very clunky and I don’t feel as though it is eye-catching enough to make my customers want to stay on the website and try it out.
    The sublimation industry is huge, the products on offer are on the increase and people are crazy for personalised products, especially when they are the designer. They like to say ''I designed this'' or “My child drew this and now it’s on my mug”.
    People might not know what 'sublimation' means, they don’t need to (I do to make their product) they understand ‘personalised’ by having real time user friendly tools on my website, this would allow greater interactivity to my customers and give them control of the design, instead of relying me to interpret what they want and hopefully getting it right.
    If I had the ability for my customers to create their artwork live (on set templates by way of an addon), where they can in real -time, upload their photos, add text etc. of their choosing, which is then applied to their selected product, with the ability to rotate it 360 degrees, to see how the finished product will look. So, they are happy with it before they commit / click the 'buy now' button.
    Then when the order has been submitted; allow me to be able to print out their design as ‘finished artwork’, ready for me to sublimate. This would be an awesome for me as the website owner, and an awesome selling feature for like- businesses.
    Some of the products we offer include; Coffee mugs, latte mugs, sports drink bottles, plates, mouse pads, coasters, mobile phone covers, shirts, baby wear.
    I would even buy extra 3D product packages that are pre-made and ready to use. So that all is required from the end user is to import the 3D product package into the sublimation addon.
    So that as a start-up business, without the capability to purchase ultra-expensive standalone software due to practicality, this would allow flexibility and usability for both me and my customers.


  3. Gerardo
    March 26, 2017 Reply

    Hi Katie,

    Here are some suggestions that can be applied to WooCommerce product listings:

    * Add a zoom effect to the product images on mouseover, directly on the listing without going to the product page.
    * Product sliders / carousels with different image transitions.
    * A 360 degree image - in that way the visitor can rotate it around.
    * Insert videos into product pages. Possibility of also clicking on it could open a pop-up with the video.

    And finally A/B testing with several of the former ideas.
    The better way to list WooCommerce products are the ones that have more conversions.
    With reliable data and stats you can determine which perform better in terms of different layouts, images and text for each product.
    Knowing which combination is the winner, could increase future sales for these products.



  4. David Attard
    March 23, 2017 Reply

    Hi Katie,

    when you're reselling products, let's say from a manufacturer, to a local or a global audience, you don't just need to focus on the look and feel, but much more on the SEO for the actual listing.

    To that effect, the most effective way of creating good rankings for a product is by creating useful content for potential buyers of this product, with the actual listing.

    It would be ideal thus, if one can actually devise ways in which to integrate a product listing with great content around that product, for SEO purposes and really and truly, for the benefit of your customers, which is the ultimate aim of search engine rankings.


    • Katie Keith
      March 23, 2017 Reply

      Brilliant, thanks for being the first entrant!

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