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Sell product samples
Sell product samples

M-Rock Stone Manufacturing sells manufactured stone and brick veneers. They have used our WooCommerce Product Sample plugin to let prospective customers order samples of the manufactured stone and brick veneer products they sell.

How our plugin solved their problem

M-Rock Stone Manufacturing needed a way to let customers see the manufactured stone and brick veneer samples before placing orders for their projects.

They used our WooCommerce Product Sample plugin to create and sell samples directly through their online store. For this, they enabled product samples globally for all products on their online store and configured shipping settings.

When a customer lands on their product page, they can choose the number of boxes they’d like to buy and click the Order Sample button to add the samples to their shopping cart.

For products with variations, the Order Sample button appears on the product page after a customer selects the variation – Flats or Corners – they’re interested in. Once customers select a variation, they can either order the full product or a sample.

Customers can also order samples directly from the Samples page by clicking the Order Sample button.

M-Rock Stone Manufacturing have capped the maximum number of samples a customer can order in one go to 3.

Sell product samples

“I Googled for a simple way to add samples to our site. I actually tried three plugins and bought two. I like WooCommerce Product Sample because I can set the shipping for samples right in the settings.”


See WooCommerce Product Sample in action on the M-Rock Stone Manufacturing store.

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