The best black WordPress photography themes in 2013

September 20, 2019

Black photography WordPress themes are in hot demand now it's 2013. I've lost count of the number of enquiries I'm getting for WordPress web design based on a black theme that showcases photos - and often videos - in an eye-catching or unusual way.

Photography WordPress themes aren't just for photographers! The people looking for them include hairdressers, artists, bands, joiners - basically, anyone who wants a website to showcase their images.

So here is a shortlist of some of the best black photography WordPress themes I've found that will be big in 2013.

Subspace - Black Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Subspace is all about your photos. The homepage has a HUGE image at the top, with thumbnails of your other images underneath - either sliding from one to the next, or you can click an image to view it in full. The main image even appears behind the navigation menu, which is an unusual touch and very effective (just make sure all the photos on the homepage have enough contrast with the colour of the menu items). The theme places the title and description of each image over the top, in a stylish yet subtle way.

As well as the homepage, this photography WordPress theme has a choice of portfolio layouts including with or without text, as a grid layout, or with full-width featured images above each post.

Although I've included this in an article about black WordPress themes, only the homepage background is black. The other pages are a more traditional layout with a white background and no image behind the navigation menu.

Subspace is a fully responsive WordPress theme and automatically adjusts its layout depending on the screen size you're viewing it on. Great for mobile and tablet devices.

Mosaic WordPress themes

If you have lots of photos to show off on your website, a mosaic WordPress theme can be a great way to showcase them all.

Play - Black Moasic Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Black Moasic Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

The Play WordPress theme is absolutely stunning! This mosaic design is a fully responsive WordPress theme, so it looks great on all screen sizes including mobiles and tablets. The homepage is dedicated solely to showcasing your photos, so they really do have center stage. The thumbnails are nice and big, and I love the way each photo darkens and the title and description appear (in a nice animation) when you hover over it.

But the impressiveness of this theme doesn't end there. The individual gallery/portfolio pages are beautifully designed too, with a stylish diagonal line separating the text on the left from the huge photo on the right. And users can hide the text to make the photo even bigger.

The blog uses a similar layout, with a diagonal line separating the posts from a big photo. This is a nice touch for a photography WordPress theme, as it puts images at the forefront even on the blog.

The Play theme also has an eye-catching video gallery, so it doesn't just make your photos look great.

So, which is the best black photography WordPress theme for 2013?

In conclusion - well, it depends on what you're looking for. This is a shortlist of black WordPress themes that will present your photos in an eye-catching way. Which one you choose will depend on things like what other features you're looking for (do you want a video gallery, responsive WordPress theme, etc.) as well as the format of your images. If most of your images are landscapes then don't choose a photography WordPress theme that only includes styling for portraits. If your images are quite small, consider a mosaic WordPress theme rather than one with huge featured images.

If I had to choose a favourite then I'd probably go for Play, because as well as being mobile-responsive, it has so many impressive design elements throughout the theme. But the choice is yours - leave a comment below and let me know how you get on! Or get in touch if you'd like us to set up your WordPress website for you.

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