Black responsive WordPress themes for 2013

September 20, 2019

Things have got a bit silly in the WordPress theme marketplace. Nearly every theme you look at these days is focussed heavily on large images and portfolios - only really suitable for a creative agency or photographer. But what about normal businesses, who don't have great pictures and just need a WordPress website to promote their business?Two of our recent WordPress web design clients have both requested websites that aren't too flashy or full of themselves. They wanted friendly and personal rather than trendy and pretentious - but it's hard to find themes that aren't trendy and pretentious, full of flashy feature and annoying animations!

So I got to work, and this is what I found.

This is what I was looking for. As you can see, this is a fairly typical wishlist:

  • A header suitable for a fairly high logo (surprisingly difficult to find as most WordPress themes are designed to look best with a small logo, yet lots of businesses we design websites for have big logos with a tagline).
  • Mobile-responsive WordPress theme (why look for anything else these days?)
  • Predominantly black, as the website I was building was mostly aimed at men
  • Homepage layout with a single image at the top, a paragraph of text to introduce your business and latest posts from the blog (a common layout for many business websites)

Zeitgeist responsive WordPress theme


  • Zeitgeist has a bold, masculine design that isn’t too formal
  • Nice big header that will work well with larger logos
  • The blue colour on the demo can be replaced with any colour to match your business brand identity
  • Very well reviewed

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Avada responsive WordPress theme

Avada is the best-selling theme of all time, with a huge number of styling options and features. Play around with the options on the right hand side of the demo site to see how you can tailor the design.

  • Choice of dark and light colour schemes, plus you can have any accent colour you want
  • A wide range of shortcodes which can be used to create unlimited page layouts that will adapt to your content
  • Slightly less masculine than the other WordPress themes on the shortlist
  • See it in action! We used this theme to design the new responsive Black Tor Brewery WordPress website

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Jupiter responsive WordPress theme

  • Jupiter is a very sophisticated, flexible theme with lots of features, layouts etc. It may be a bit too flashy for some business for but is worth a look as it is pretty impressive
  • The header can be set up to include your business' logo in the middle above the menu, which will work well for many logo styles
  • Lots of different homepage designs and styles
  • The red and blue colour on the demo can be replaced with your business' main brand colours
  • Very well reviewed

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Black Pearl black WordPress theme

  • Black Pearl is an eye-catching theme with a choice of black and white colour schemes
  • Quite a nice modern and bold design
  • You can use your main business brand colour as an accent colour

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North responsive WordPress theme

  • North is a good WordPress theme for businesses that wish to have a large image at the top of each page, with the logo in the top left corner
  • The yellow colour on the demo can be replaced with the main brand colour from your logo
  • This WordPress theme is quite new with no ratings yet, but the theme author’s responses in the Comments section look helpful which is a good sign

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Which is the best black responsive WordPress theme for any business?

So which is my favourite? Personally I'd go for Avada as it's really flexible and will adapt to your business. All the themes in the shortlist are flexible and will adapt nicely to any business whose brand identity will suit a modern and dark website design, so ultimately the choice is yours!

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